Petrosyan Jewelry, also known as IP Designs, was established in 2002 in Los Angeles, CA. It manufactures and specializes high quality hand crafted and custom designs with unbeatable prices. From the engagement rings to wedding sets, bracelets, necklaces and every one of a kind handmade piece your wildest imagination can think of. Petrosyan Jewelry continues to astonish clients with its unique combination of traditional and contemporary taste. Our jewelry pieces are distinctive for their sophistication and use of handwork and modern technology. All products are made with extreme care and client satisfaction in mind.

Ishkan Petrosyan, the founder and owner, moved in California in 2002 and pursue his business career. He is a graduate of Yerevan Institute of Economics where he acquired his strong background in business management and finance. While studying he would stay close to his Uncle’s jewelry bench that made him very interested in the said industry. From what started as a hobby eventually unfolded a “Master of Jewelry Craft”. He is not just the owner but he is also the designer of every piece the company carries. He is a man who deeply appreciates arts, his craftsmanship is driven by his keen taste and understanding of everything that glamorous and luxurious mean.

They say “Diamonds are Forever” and here we prove that it is no myth. We at Petrosyan Jewelry has pledged our lifelong commitment to this trade to make each and every customer that crosses our path to walk away with smiles not just in their faces but also in their hearts.